BLM BUDDIES & In-breeding


MAGA Frens

MAGA Frens is an NFT on the Fantom Blockchain based on political satire. So far, Fantom has proven to be the most developer friendly chain, while combining speed, performance, and censorship resistance specifically made for NFTs and Gaming.

Roadmap Progress

Phase 1


Merchandise Store for MAGA Fren Apparel and Exclusive Merchandise based on each NFT for each holder!!

Phase 1

Phase 2


BLM Buddies

Free community airdrop!!

Phase 2

Phase 3


A new NFT breeding system will be built on the Fantom Blockchain to allow the MAGA Frens to be the first NFT to breed with itself!

Phase 3

Phase 4


At 80% Sold-Out, MAGA Frens NFT will donate $20,000 to Wounded Warriors! Plus, 5% of all Secondary Sales will be donated.

Phase 4

Phase 5

3d metaverse drop

3D Versions of Each NFT will be dropped to holders with access to rigged, 3D Versions in different MetaVerse Games!

Phase 5

MAGA Frens

The MAGA Frens are a group of degenerate deplorables that stormed the American Capitol building in the most deadly insurrection in American History. The damage and chaos was so severe it created a big bang and turned the fuckers into cartoon characters in NFT land.

White Paper

3D Teaser. Updated White Paper & Future Plans After Mint is Completed!


First you need to setup your MetaMask to work with the “Fantom Network” using this guide.
Set up MetaMask

You can use the same Ethereum address that you already have, it’s just basically in another dimension. You can then buy Fantom (FTM) on the SafePal Wallet using Binance within the App.

Then, you can buy, list, trade your MAGA Frens NFT on PaintSwap.

Great question! We are still trying to figure that out! We are so twisted we are considering adding an altcoin called MAGA Bucks that you can use to pay your prostitute siblings to in-breed with!

We have great ideas in the pipeline and we feel like the Fantom Ecosystem has the best setup for future-proofing the things we want to do. For instance, if we wanted to develop a game in Unreal or Unity.

Not necessarily! Our team is all across the political spectrum and we all enjoy comedy and political satire!! Making fun of everyone, including ourselves, is our mission!

A MAGA Frens NFT will be around 45 FTM, and Fantom is trading around $1.80 or less, so around $68 in USD!! There will also only be 5,000 MAGA Frens.



Founder / Artist

Has worked in 3D Animation and Mobile Games for over 10 years.

Lord Shiba Fantom


Producer and Founder of G&M Mints. Founder of Shiba Fantom and Shiba Punks.


Head of NippleLabs

Founder of G&M. 


Lead Developer

Mad scientist, full stack developer. Expert at Fantom.


2D Artist

Artist behind the overall look and feel of the characters and designer of most of the elements.